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Roxy's Domestic Bliss  -

Prices for domestic cleaning
(Prices are per person per hour. Minimum charge - 1.5 hours)

  1. quick cleaning - £11
  2. Standard cleaning - £13
  3. Deluxe cleaning - £17
  4. Deep cleaning - £25

Services.pdf (PDF — 320 KB)

Prices for commercial cleaning

Office cleaning

Price for office cleaning start from £13 per hour per person.

Prices for 'end of tenancy' cleaning

(please note - this just a guide prices. Prices can be increased or decreased after we check the property and discussed required services) 
bedroom     flat/maisonette        house
1                  £120                £145
2                  £150                £175
3                  £180                £205
4                  £210                £240 

prices for a carpet cleaning 

1st room                        £35
additional room (each)    £15
staircase (each)              £15
hallway, landing (from)     £5

Prices are 'from' and can change after we saw the property. The prices for 'end of tenancy' cleaning are not including carpet cleaning, steam cleaning and washing windows outside the property. All extra services will be subject to a small additional fee and will have to be paid in advance.

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