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Following the government’s rules

However, in order to be able to run safely, I’ve written up some new safety protocols which I have listed below, please read these before contacting me for an appointment.


1. If you or anyone you live with has symptoms, you CANNOT ask for services under any circumstances until you have had 14 days symptom free.

2. If your cleaner or any member of her household, have any symptoms I will stop your services immediately until further notice. You will be contacted via call or text.

3. All appointments will be spaced out in order to clean and sanitise equipment between services.

4. Regular customers will be given priority.

5. If we have key/s to your property, we will message you to confirm what time your cleaner will be coming so you don’t have to be there. If we don’t have your keys we will agree on a time beforehand. Please make sure that someone is in the property to let the cleaner in. The cleaner will inform you when she’s outside.

6. If it is necessary to communicate with cleaner, please keep your distance! Unfortunately, as much as we love chatting with you, we will have to avoid doing so at the moment.

7. If you wish to have anything different from the usual services, please call, email or text prior to the appointment to discuss it.

8. All payments will have to be made via bank transfer unless otherwise agreed. If you are unable to bank transfer, then do let me know.

9. It is extremely important to stick to the times, so we can have enough time to clean and sanitise between each client.

10. Cleaner will be wearing PPE when cleaning your property. Please don’t laugh

11. Unfortunately, we will not be taking any customers who considered being vulnerable or high risk. This is for your own protection.

After reading this if you wish to book an appointment please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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