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Why use us?

•Competitive prices

•Our clients' needs are of the utmost importance and we are committed to meeting those needs.

•Regular discounts, special offers and promotions for clients (new and existing)

•Insurance for peace of mind


•Regular allocated team member where requested


•Highly recommended

•Our services are not the cheapest, but tailored to your needs and we represent great value for money


Domestic cleaning starts from £15 per hour.

We normaly use your material, but if you wish, we can use our branded products for additional charge 

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We will discass beforehand the area of the office that you would like cleaned, excactly what needs to be done and how often you require cleaning services. 


Two or more people will undertake deep professional cleaning. Extra include: cleaning outside (windows etc), carpet cleaning. Please specify beforehand if you require any of the extras.  


Quick clean   (£15 per hour)

 General Cleaning 

     Vacuum cleaning of carpets.

     Washing of all types of floors using specific products (please note, that this service does not involve carpet  cleaning and hard floor machine polishing).

     All glass cleaning (furniture tops and mirrors) with relevant products.

   Kitchen Cleaning

    Washing and polishing of all work surfaces.

    Cleaning away litter/recycling

    Cleaning of wall tiles.

    Cleaning oven externally.

    Cleaning refrigerator externally.

    Cleaning of washing machine externally.

    Cleaning of dishwasher externally.

    Outside cleaning of all appliances including kettle, toaster, etc.

    Cleaning of microwave externally.


    Dust all surfaces

    Empty bins

    Vacuuming or mopping floor

    Bathroom cleaning

    Wiping shower screen and tiles

    Cleaning of bath, basin, shower and fittings.

    Cleaning of toilet base and seat.

    Removing of all soap and shampoo deposits.

    Wiping of mirrors.

    Washing floors. If carpet - vacuum cleaning.

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